Hidden Treasure - Session Four

People Introduced:

David, son of David
Ansley Partridge
Richard Mouser
Johann Strauss
Keliah Shinzen

Places Introduced:


Session summary:

The party leaves Huntsford in the morning, booking passage on a longship leaded north to Riverside and Promise. A day passes uneventfully, and at night the party disembarks at Davidston, to spend the night. They are greeted by a werewolf who introduces himself as David, son of David, and beseeches them to spend the night in his house, as honored guests, he having heard tell of their actions in Huntsford in defense of Amethyst and Deliah. The party acquiesces.

The party attends that night a wake and a celebration. Previously the town had been under attack by akata; Lion Company happened to be in the area, and bravely hunted the akata to their lair and slew them — an act which cost them two of their number. However, being ignorant of the life cycle of akata, the townsfolk failed to properly dispose of the ten bodies left over from the attack, and they rose to interrupt the celebration, generating yet more akata. The remnants of Lion Company (Richard Mouser, Johann Strauss, Keliah Shinzen) and David and Ansley volunteered to go with the party to find and slay the akata. They did so with minimal damages, although Eustace was bitten and unwittingly suffers from the void death.

Sailing north, Eustace continues his daily study of the page he took from the Book of the Empty Night, which continues to give him occasional bad dreams of a malevolent force. He continues to be afflicted with void death, though he does not recognize the symptoms.

On the fourth night, the party stops in Riverton, where they are asked by an anonymous villager to investigate a small, mist-shrouded mansion that appeared suddenly in the forest. The party goes off to investigate, but don’t get very far within the mansion — they meet with mysterious creatures, in appearance similar to three-eyes, purple-skinned goblins, who appear to know something of the page Eustace carries. When he shows it to them, they rattle off (in Goblin, which Rhin does her best to translate) a rapid-fire deciphering of the contents of the page.

Suitably creeped out, the party begins to bicker about the fate of the page, finding incidentally that it is indestructible by all obvious means. Eventually it is decided to leave the page with Eustace, trusting for now in his better judgement. The party abandons the mysteries of the mansion, and go off to sleep.



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