Hidden Treasure - Session Three

People Introduced:

Places Introduced:

Session Summary:

The party goes forth at the command of Captain Fitzgerald to find the murderer. They first investigate the crime scene, where they find Achaius Ramson poring over the crime scene, complaining that he cannot use his magic to divine anything. The party finds two pieces of evidence at the scene: a ring (planted by Achaius) which Achaius identifies as belonging to Amethyst Kritchner, and a small candle (used as a spell component to summon the wolf which killed the victim; Achaius neglected to pick it up after the summoning). The party travels to Amethyst’s house, where they meet her lover, Deliah Jameson. The two profess their innocence, and Deliah notes that Amethyst did not own the ring in question; Deliah had purchased it as a surprise gift for her, but had not yet given it to her. This, along with the testimony of James Murdock, a guard who witnessed the attack and claimed that the wolf disappeared into thin air, is enough to lead the party to the house of Achaius, where they place the wizard under arrest. They then go, with James Murdock in tow, to confront Captain Fitzgerald and place him under arrest as well. The Captain and the wizard are placed in jail under the custody of James Murdock, and the party go to bed satisfied.



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