Hidden Treasure - Session Two

People introduced:

Places introduced:

Session summary:

The party returns in the morning to Commander Rawlings, who greets them uneasily — he didn’t sleep well the night before, having come in contact with the mysterious book the day previous. Nevertheless, he instructs the party to travel north to Mistclyffe, there to investigate rumors of a practicing necromancer.

The trip to Mistclyffe is a two-month journey, comprising of the following:

  • Ten days on horseback from New Avalon to Huntsford
  • Seventeen days on longship from Huntsford to Riverside
  • Fourteen days on longship fron Riverside to Promise
  • Two days on sailing ship from Promise to Larkport
  • Eight days on horseback from Larkport to Rockton
  • Six days on horseback from Rockton to Mistclyffe

The party thus sets out west to Huntsford. En route they have a number of small encounters:

  • The party finds a petrified old man outside a small hamlet, and goes back to the hamlet to inform the residents there.
  • Eustace has a short conversation with a holy man meditating at a shrine to Groetus.
  • An attack from a Sagari which, when cloven in two, splits into two more Sagari that must be fought off. Fire kills them finally.
  • A forlarren posing as a weeping woman, whom the party kills upon its attack.

After ten days on the road, the party arrives at Huntsford as the sun is setting, and are confronted by the gatesman, who tells them to quickly see the Captain of the Guard.

Captain Fitzgerald informs the party that there has been a werewolf attack in the town, and that a citizen lies dead thereby. He charges them to perform their duty as members of the Royal Adventurer’s Guild, and track down the werewolf and kill it.



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