Lucius Aldarae

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Name Lucius Aldarae
Race Aasimar
Class Bard
Level 2.04
Alignment LE


Lucius was born an Aasimar to a normal family living in a city that thrived in the old world. Because of his Celestial lineage, Lucius would not mature for some years and would find himself carving a life in what would become New Avalon.

With all previous knowledge of his kind wiped from existence, the only ones who knew anything about him were those of his village; not to mention a certain Ifrit who shared his birth date.

With the ending of the old world happening in his infancy, Lucius only knew of one world and would learn to thrive in it by creating a name for himself as an accomplished Bard. Never satisfied with just song, he developed a talent for oration and diplomacy which allowed his natural charisma to win favor and trust among most of New Avalon’s population. His most accomplished feat, however, was taming the wild spirit of his fellow outsider: an Ifrit named Brim. Through his adolescence and most of his adult life, he would be charged with reforming and controlling Brim in order to bring peace of mind to the citizens of New Avalon.

Though some may see him as a blessing, Lucius is plenty aware that he is a stranger to the rest of his city. Even with the diversity it shares, he is still the only one of his kind; as is Brim.

He and Brim share a complex relationship that only the two of them can maintain.

As a child, Lucius was a model child who spoke few words but collected much praise for possessing a saintly appearance. His only companion from then would be the antagonistic Ifrit Brim whom he would visit at night at her mother’s hut. One day, while Lucius was on his way to visit, he noticed Brim’s hut was ablaze and saw that the citizens had found her rampaging in the outskirts of the forest. In an effort to save his only friend, Lucius came to her aid and calmed the raging Ifrit down swearing to the people that he would take responsibility; that he alone was capable of controlling her. Since then, Lucius has not allowed Brim to leave his side.

Brim now is the action through which Lucius speaks. Anything he commands she will do without question. Rarely will he speak up other than to instruct her but will engage in combat when necessary. Lucius tries to remain enigmatic and the true intentions of his actions will only come when his is ready to reveal them.

Lucius Aldarae

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