New Avalon (City)

Classification Metropolis
Population 140,000


New Avalon was settled in rather an unconventional manner — a population of some 8000 refugees, mostly human, was unceremoniously dropped onto a wild savanna after their old world was destroyed. Having no other option, they began to build a city that would eventually become the capital city of the Kingdom of New Avalon.


New Avalon is in effect an oligarchy, and has been from its inception. The Ascendants each chose a citizen to sit on a ruling council, which was therefore composed of five members. This council passed laws and addressed grievances in the community. It also began, around the human year 50, to send out exploring parties in order to foster relations with neighboring communities, and to settle other cities.

Once other cities began to be founded, the Council appointed a Lord Mayor to take care of the city so that the Council could focus on national matters.

New Avalon (City)

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